While it may seem like retail and technology have seamlessly melded, there is still a large rift between the experiences offered by screens vs. brick & mortar – namely, the absence or presence of personal interaction.

This week’s news talks about shopping for the mind, Graze’s new e-commerce site, personalised rum and The British Museum’s digital exhibition ‘Museum of the world’.

In the news this week we explore Selfridges’ gender neutral retail experiment and question how wearable technology could impact the modern consumer.

Multi-sensory branding has yet to truly be mastered at a large scale, but that hasn’t stopped brands from trying to get the most out of this idea and forge stronger connections with their consumers. Everyone from fast food purveyors to clothing retailers to cinemas and auto manufacturers are joining in on this latest round of attempts to master this branding trend.

A masterclass in brand identity from Sonos, pretty packaging from Leon and Yoplait and a Marmite Easter egg?