The term ‘Millennial’ has been banded about for a long time now, so it’s fair to say brands know these consumers well. But what are the implications for brands when the fun-loving twenty-somethings mature?

As AI (Artificial Intelligence) steadily makes its way into our daily lives – looking to the future, what might the implications be for design?

Crystal Pepsi’s relaunch isn’t merely a case of reproducing a cult-favorite drink – rather, it’s an immersive, 360˚ brand experience that gives fans an opportunity to connect with the beverage like never before

Are blog-based online platforms the future for brands targeting the Millennial consumer? We discuss Nescafé’s move to sharing site Tumblr, talk about wirelessly connected cosmetics, rainbow-coloured tortilla chips and join in with all the Rugby World Cup excitement!

In this weeks news we take a look at a brand of vitamin supplements specifically for Millennials, Pret A Manger’s new evening dining concept and French chocolate!

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