The iPod vz Zune, Volkswagen vs Skoda and Nike vs Reebok. What makes one successful, while the other is forgotten? We explore how design makes the difference.

The term ‘Millennial’ has been banded about for a long time now, so it’s fair to say brands know these consumers well. But what are the implications for brands when the fun-loving twenty-somethings mature?

Those of us in the branding world might have heard “transparency” bandied around a few too many times, or even dismiss it as a buzz word. These challenger brands are here to teach us something or two about how to do transparency in a new, fresh way.

Do you ever feel like you’re a slave to your device, rather than the other way around? From smartphones to office space, we explore some examples of human-centric design which prioritise experience over engagement.

Model Ruby Rose recently said in an interview “I called myself a girl, but only because my options were limited. I always assumed that everyone felt that way”. Rose identifies as ‘gender fluid’, and is one of many famous figures like … Continued