Aside from the tennis of course, what’s more ‘Wimbledon’ than Robinsons? Since 1935 the name has been synonymous with the championship, warm summers and refreshment.

This year however, Robinsons are serving up something new at the the All England Club – Refresh’d.  We’re delighted to have been involved along the way.

Made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients, Refresh’d brings Robinsons to a more health conscious, on-the-go consumer. The new offering launches Robinsons firmly into the impulse category with something that makes the brand more modern and, dare we say it, refresh’d.

Not only is this a new look for the traditional squash brand but it takes Robinsons in a slightly different direction, towards that of a lifestyle brand. The promotion of Refresh’d during the championship hasn’t just been about taste and hydration, but also about leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s not only about being refreshing drink but refreshing your lifestyle too.

Here’s to our new favourite tennis star…

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