Cereal Partners Worldwide

“We have just completed two strategic design research projects with The Big Picture and have been really impressed with them. They have an amazing ability to combine research expertise with commercial pragmatism. The team we worked with had fantastic people and moderating skills, and the analysis of the fieldwork was both insightful and ‘main point’. We would definitely work with The Big Picture again on future design projects.”

Caroline Young
Consumer Insights Manager

“The Big Picture are one of the most talented, specialist design research agencies I've had the pleasure of partnering. Their outstanding understanding of - and sensitivity to - the design & creative process vs generalist agencies is exemplary. They see intelligently beyond execution and test concept and from a brand design agencies' point of view, it means we receive insightful, actionable output which informs and guides the design process. They're also fun to work with!”

Dave Brown
President Consumer Branding, The Brand Union
General Mills

“Just a quick note of thanks for your great partnership and excellent presentation. Yours was one of the most thorough and strategic-minded packaging decks that I have seen. It is really rare to find partners who are both exceptional in the field and deliver such influential results decks. Kudos!”

Adam Max
Insights Manager, Wholesome Snacks
Design Bridge

Plymouth Gin is a first class example of how packaging research can add real value to brand and creative strategy. With deft facilitation and insightful analysis, The Big Picture were able to dig below the surface of the consumer responses to recommend a route that, whilst not performing that well in groups, conceptually delivered best against the brief. This rejection of the 'beauty parade' approach, gave us license to progress with a design that is truly differentiated, engaging, and most importantly, effective.”

Peter Droy
Client Business Director, Design Bridge

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your wonderful partnership. The creative research solutions you put in place enabled the business to make consumer-based, timely and effective decisions. You effectively navigated and managed to overcome all the challenges creatively, landing a clear, keenly insightful and actionable debrief and set of recommendations. I cannot commend you highly enough. It’s a breath of fresh air working with an enthusiastic, passionate bunch who really go the extra mile for us.”

Maria Leventis
Planning Manager, Britvic

“We’ve really enjoyed working with The Big Picture on this project – you’ve been more than a research agency, you’ve been our partner in helping us get from a blue-sky innovation project to a defined concept which all our regions around the world are excited by. [You've] been a great help at the various workshops – creative yet grounded in consumer truth.”

Vicky Simms
CMI Global Surf Team

“An excellent debrief in that it told a story, was very clear & to the point (as opposed to ‘death by Powerpoint’) & was presented in a very professional manner …[you] did exactly what we aimed for. Some of the audience said it was the best debrief they had attended!”

Steve Crompton
Research Consultant

“In-depth expertise in packaging research, a difficult and highly specific area. TBP were able to bring a wealth of previous experience and insight which allowed them to help us design bespoke research that would answer our unique questions and challenges. We benefitted both from their specific and expert knowledge of the packaging field and their intellectually rigorous interpretation of the consumer behaviour.”

Jo Lavender
Senior Brand Manager, Axe Global

“Your project summary is one of the best I have read in a long, long time; the standard is excellent. I also liked the way that you made a global recommendation with very clear recommendations for improvements.”

Jennifer Whyte
Global CMI Director, Laundry
Premier Foods

“From initial briefing, through to expertly moderated groups, into a comprehensive and well thought-out debrief, The Big Picture proved to be a first class outfit throughout the research process and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”

Rob Stacey
Brand Controller, Batchelors

“Working with The Big Picture is always a pleasure. Their positive approach to concept and creative testing is backed up by a friendly and collaborative style supported by strong, strategic methodology. The new .uk launch campaign was a real challenge – how would we get digitally switched-on individuals excited about what is essentially a dot and two letters? The Big Picture was able to help us get right under the skin of our digital native target audience, to really understand what makes them tick and therefore how we could most successfully reach and engage with them creatively. The new .uk domain hit over 50,000 new registrations within the first 24 hours of launch, making it one of the fastest selling new domain releases on record. This is in no small part due to the work of the team, who provided us with the key insights needed to create this impactful advertising campaign.”

Becky Bradburn
Brand Manager, UK Domain Portfolio

“I wanted to write to say a huge thank you for your partnership on our recent project. Your creative research solution and design expertise was translated into a brilliant debrief which gave clear insights and recommendations for our team moving forward – enabling us to make the right decisions for our brand. It was a pleasure working with you all and I look forward to working on future projects with you!”

Helen Scholey
Brand Planner, Britvic

“A fantastic piece of work overall. Great facilitation, superb analysis and translation into a clear story. Lots of good techniques to get around what consumers say versus what they think. Brilliantly delivered, offering clear guidance and development pointers.”

Richard Bambrick
Brand Planner, Britvic Soft Drinks


From time to time we conduct self-initiated research in order to tackle topics that are of interest to many of our clients.

We call the output ‘Thinkpieces’. The below gives you a teaser snippet of each – if you’d like us to talk you through the full presentation, just get in touch.

Craft beer

tapping into design’s role

Craft spirits

the next story

Online design

the new rules for FMCG


influencing shopper choice


The semiotics of pack design

Our Clients

Unilever : Client of TheBigPicture
GlaxoSmithKline : Client of TheBigPicture
PepsiCo : Client of TheBigPicture
International Olympic Committee : Client of TheBigPicture
Netflix : Client of TheBigPicture
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Reckitt Benckiser : Client of TheBigPicture
General Mills : Client of TheBigPicture
Nestlé : Client of TheBigPicture
innocent : Client of TheBigPicture
Chivas Brothers Pernod Ricard : Client of TheBigPicture
SAB Miller : Client of TheBigPicture
AkzoNobel : Client of TheBigPicture
Britvic : Client of TheBigPicture
Asda : Client of TheBigPicture
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Cereal Partners Worldwide : Client of TheBigPicture
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Lactalis : Client of TheBigPicture
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Kimberly-Clark : Client of TheBigPicture

Creative Partners

We’ve built successful partnerships with world-leading creative agencies by delivering insight ​that helps (rather than hinders) the creative process. It means you have an effective team from the get-go.

BrandOpus : TheBigPicture creative partner
Elmwood : TheBigPicture creative partner
Brand Union : TheBigPicture creative partner
Design Bridge : TheBigPicture creative partner
Echo : TheBigPicture creative partner
Webb De Vlam : TheBigPicture creative partner
Brandhouse : TheBigPicture creative partner
Force Majure : TheBigPicture creative partner
Pearlfisher : TheBigPicture creative partner
Lothar Bohm : TheBigPicture creative partner
4sight.inc : TheBigPicture creative partner
Redscout : TheBigPicture creative partner
Bulletproof : TheBigPicture creative partner
Van-Berlo : TheBigPicture creative partner
Interbrand : TheBigPicture creative partner
Osborne Pike : TheBigPicture creative partner
CBX : TheBigPicture creative partner
LPK : TheBigPicture creative partner
jkr : TheBigPicture creative partner
PI Global : TheBigPicture creative partner
Seymourpowell : TheBigPicture creative partner
Coley Porter Bell : TheBigPicture creative partner
DCA : TheBigPicture creative partner
Love : TheBigPicture creative partner
Bloom : TheBigPicture creative partner
Ziggurat Brands : TheBigPicture creative partner
Brand On Shelf : TheBigPicture creative partner
SomeOne : TheBigPicture creative partner
Bear : TheBigPicture creative partner
The Collaborators : TheBigPicture creative partner
1HQ : TheBigPicture creative partner
PB creative : TheBigPicture creative partner
Slice : TheBigPicture creative partner
Dew Gibbons : TheBigPicture creative partner
Nude Brand Creation : TheBigPicture creative partner
Rare : TheBigPicture creative partner
JDO : TheBigPicture creative partner
Holmes & Marchant : TheBigPicture creative partner
Sterling Brands : TheBigPicture creative partner
Ocean Branding : TheBigPicture creative partner
Hornall Anderson : TheBigPicture creative partner
Blue Marlin : TheBigPicture creative partner
Air Innovation : TheBigPicture creative partner
Pierini Partners : TheBigPicture creative partner
Brand Image : TheBigPicture creative partner
Core : TheBigPicture creative partner
Therefore : TheBigPicture creative partner
FLEX : TheBigPicture creative partner
Blow Creative : TheBigPicture creative partner
Black and Gold : TheBigPicture creative partner
Berard Associates : TheBigPicture creative partner
Touch of Mojo : TheBigPicture creative partner
Aesop : TheBigPicture creative partner
The Design Group : TheBigPicture creative partner