In this new blog strand, we celebrate those brands who are using design to amazing effect. This week, challenger bank Monzo.

For decades, computers have been an indispensable tool in creativity. So are designers the dispensable ones? AI advances are gathering pace. Simple conversational bots, like Siri, are improving. Facebook believes chatbots will form the third step in the evolution of … Continued

There’s been a loud response to the recent new logo for the Metropolitan Museum of Art (now known simply as ‘The Met’). Being at the centre of such a furore must be a gruelling experience, but really, the noise is … Continued

This week’s curated design and branding content namechecks everyone from Obama…to Bonnie & Clyde

This week it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – we’ve got Carlsberg’s newest experiential offering, packaging for a liquid advent calendar and a beautiful light installation in NYC.

Wish there was a more fun and intuitive way to shop online? In the news this week we talk about a new online store where you can browse clothes that match your mood. We also share our favourite Christmas packaging so far and look at an app that promotes mindfulness!

This week’s news talks about shopping for the mind, Graze’s new e-commerce site, personalised rum and The British Museum’s digital exhibition ‘Museum of the world’.

Personalised Oreos, the rise of vegan foods, packaging that provides an ego boost and music composed from brain waves – it’s the news!