The internet landscape has changed.

Where once prospective web domain owners could choose between just a handful of domain names like .com and .net, a change in regulations means that there are now hundreds available. Essentially – you name it, you can probably have it after the dot.

This is the context into which .uk was launching. .uk is a new domain from Nominet, the organisation in charge of all domains ending in .uk (including The new domain needed to stand out in a marketplace exploding with new competitors, compete with other geographically-specific domains like .london, and be clear how it stands for something different from the company’s other domains – especially.

Over three stages, we helped Nominet and design agency Bear gain a rich, deep understanding of their tech-savvy, forward-facing target consumer and how they see the world. This helped the team identify how to talk their language through design and advertising, resulting in an identity and campaign, fronted by tech champion and British icon Stephen Fry, that captures the idea of ‘connectivity’ and ‘concision’ respectively.

Working with The Big Picture is always a pleasure. Their positive approach to concept and creative testing is backed up by a friendly and collaborative style supported by strong, strategic methodology.

The new .uk launch campaign was a real challenge – how would we get digitally switched-on individuals excited about what is essentially a dot and two letters? The Big Picture was able to help us get right under the skin of our digital native target audience, to really understand what makes them tick and therefore how we could most successfully reach and engage with them creatively.

The new .uk domain hit over 50,000 new registrations within the first 24 hours of launch, making it one of the fastest selling new domain releases on record, and this is in no small part due to the work of Stuart, Rhys and the wider team who provided us with the key insights needed to create this impactful advertising campaign.

Becky Bradburn
Brand Manager, UK Domain Portfolio