When Toni & Guy approached us with a view to updating their packaging, it quickly became clear it was a tricky project.

Firstly, there’s the multifarious range, which has a number of different sub-ranges for different hair types and styles, each with their variants. Despite its complexity, consumers need to navigate the range to find the right product quickly and easily.

Then there’s the brand, which exists in two quite different places in the two markets we tested. In the US, it’s an exciting new brand from fashionable London; while in the UK, it’s more mainstream on account of its greater exposure. To further complicate matters, there’s the design challenge in successfully positioning an offering at the ‘salon’ end of the this category: packs need to achieve impact to compete in this competitive environment, but the most direct means of doing this – bold, vibrant colours – can undermine the brand’s premiumness.

We helped the brand team and design agency over two stages of research, in which we identified the design territories with the greatest potential before honing in on more executional pack details. This process helped highlight the challenges, and yielded the strategic insights that helped to ‘untangle’ them.