The UK’s most established squash brand, Robinsons is a household staple and family favourite. But facing an increasingly commoditised squash market, the brand team saw an opportunity to introduce Robinsons into a new adult occasion. They came to us with the bones of a concept – an out-of-home, super-concentrated squash.

Using our NP3D methodology  – which brings early ideas to life through design – we ran extensive consumer co-creation workshops, exploring everything from positioning, naming, RTBs and occasions for use, right through to visual territories and early stage design work.

The hypothesis had been that portability would be the most engaging selling point, but our work with consumers revealed that the most engaging hook went beyond that: this concept offered adults an emotive benefit – something “for me” – that’s differentiated from the regular squash bottle shared by the family at home.

Beyond this insight, we’d learnt that the visual language had to feel dynamic, premium and most importantly adult. Building on Studio Davis’ validated structural design, this guidance provided a solid foundation for design agency Brand House’s graphics work. When we evaluated the subsequent designs, we had a clear winner.

One of the images in our bespoke stimulus package resonated so strongly that it formed the inspiration for the subsequent launch design

The outcome is a product whose innovation is matched by a code-breaking design. It’s proof of the power of co-creation: development of the idea and design was inspired and guided from an early stage by its audience (even the Squash’d name came directly from an ideation session).

The product launched in January 2014, and went on to win Best in Show at the Starpack Awards.


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your wonderful partnership. The creative research solutions you put in place enabled the business to make consumer-based, timely and effective decisions. You effectively navigated and managed to overcome all the challenges creatively, landing a clear, keenly insightful and actionable debrief and set of recommendations. I cannot commend you highly enough. It’s a breath of fresh air working with an enthusiastic, passionate bunch who really go the extra mile for us.

Maria Leventis
Planning Manager, Britvic