For mums of young babies, good product design can make all the difference. MAM is a high-end baby product brand that knows this – and has a focus on high quality design and product innovation to stay ahead of its competitors.

They approached us to shed more light on how baby products are used by young mums. We used a number of ethnographic techniques, including use of our online diary tool, to gather insight into the reality of life as a mum of a young baby.

As well proving a cathartic process for the mums(!), this also highlighted the opportunities that existed where products were failing to deliver. This assessment, in combination with an evaluation of the brand’s planned products, helped to reveal how design could address those challenges.

Our feedback helped hone a number of new products for the brand – self-sterilising bottles, a combined bottle warmer and steriliser, and even innovative ‘my first cutlery’ product, ‘dippers’ – designs which are now making a difference.




MAM Baby 3


MAM’s innovative ‘dippers’ – a babystep towards cutlery