In packaging design, often the brand team needs to drive forward even when consumers are hesitant about change. But sometimes, it works the other way around – consumers are unattached to the current pack, while it’s the brand team that’s more conservative.

This is especially the case for family brands, like Luxardo. Here, the stakeholders have their name on the bottle – so for them, it’s more than just business; it’s the family’s name and heritage at stake.

So it took significant bravery from the current Luxardo generation to break from tradition and modernise the pack. The pack had changed very little since it was launched way back in 1821, resulting in a bottle which felt left behind by the new high energy occasion sambuca is now associated with.

The Luxardo family placed their trust in us and, over three research stages, we guided the design agency to create a pack which held onto the rich heritage of the brand whilst injecting a sense of elegance and contemporary relevance. The design approach was applied across the whole range, and even saw the new logo adopted across the company as a whole.

Luxardo old (left) and new (right)