Jus-Rol is the UK’s leader in ready-made pastry. But with increasing competition in the category from both own label and the newly launched Anchor ready to roll pastry, that position was under threat. There was a need for the brand to consolidate its claim to the category.

Jus Rol logo
Jus-Rol’s new brand icon

Brand owners General Mills commissioned us to conduct research to explore designs that stretched the brand in this direction. Among the design work, developed by The Collaborators, was this clever little brand mark.

For consumers, it’s intuitively understood as a pie and rolling pin, but its suggestion of a crown helps suggest a (regal) authority. Consumers loved it for its playfulness, but crucially for the brand, it provides an assertive stamp on a crowded category.

The mark’s canny blend of product and brand messaging works brilliantly for the brand. We helped them hone it and finesse a design route for the range that prioritised on-shelf impact, instant recognition and a level of authority – making Jus-Rol the category figurehead.

Asserting brand authority: before (left) and after (right)
Asserting brand authority: before (left) and after (right)