Great care is required to work on a brand as lovedĀ as Jameson whiskey.

Jameson tattoos
Jameson is a truly loved brand!

So how do you change that which so many hold dear? The first step: establish the here-and-now. What are the pack’s strengths and weaknesses, and what are the brand’s visual equities? Our research identified how the pack might progress, and what elements of the classic bottle needed to remain fixed, which were flexible – and which were free to discard or change.

Jameson equities
To truly understand your pack, you have to deconstruct it

From there, it was a case of defining what the brand stood for in consumers’ minds, and using design to evoke that character. For Jameson, that can be defined as ‘effortless confidence’ – a sense of quiet self-assurance that means it doesn’t need to outshout its competitors.

Our design guidance, based on research conducted in four key markets, guided the team at design agency Design Bridge to a subtle evolution of the pack which brought its key equities to the fore – such as introducing the arch to the label shape to reinforce this core equity.

The overall result still feels as familiar as ever, but the net effect of those small changes helps the brand to ‘sing’ (not shout) a little more. And brand love is retained – so there’s no laser surgery needed…

Jameson before and after