A growing number of health-driven consumers are abstaining from and reducing their alcohol intake, making the adult non-alcoholic drinks market fertile ground for growth. But excessively sweet products, limited choice and a lack of sophistication have been identified as key barriers to purchase.

As a result, consumers are increasingly seeking out alcohol alternatives which cater to a more grown-up palate by offering flavour, refreshment, choice and enjoyment.

Beer garden

As the number one adult non-alcoholic drink brand in the UK, J2O owners Britvic saw an opportunity to stretch the brand’s offering and presence in the category by developing a range of lightly sparkling non-alcoholic drinks which adopt a more sophisticated image.

The brand team set about launching a new drink to quench the nation’s thirst, with a lighter, less sweet product, and more mature image.

We adopted a two stage approach to inform development of the concept, naming and design work through consumer research. A key challenge was striking the right balance of parent and sub-brand – so that it has recognition and trust, but also clearly conveys a new offer.

The outcome, which has now launched, was J2O Spritz.


In a category dominated by sugary drinks and bold, vibrant colour palettes, the simple design implicitly signals a lighter soft drink, and affords standout through understated sophistication – suggesting this is a far cry from the overly sweet and more youthful nature of other products on offer.

A sparkling example of growing up gracefully.