A successful global identity can be a powerful thing – a visual representation of what a brand stands for which can communicate those values to consumers worldwide, irrespective of where they live or where they’ve come from.

That doesn’t mean it’s straightforward. Subtle differences between semiotic interpretation mean that it’s easy to come unstuck – your icon might mean one thing in the UK, but it could very well mean something very different in China.


This was the challenge facing AkzoNobel when they began the process of creating a single mark for Dulux and the 13 other brand names under that umbrella – which are present in a staggering 50 markets worldwide.


We worked with the brand team and design agency, Design Bridge, to conduct design research that explored the mark over three stages and twelve markets worldwide, and provided guidance for the team that strategically interpreted response across markets to give a single global answer for the client team, without losing any of the all-important local nuances.


The resultant identity transcends cultural differences between regions with an iconic, uplifting and truly universal ‘flourish’ to the brand; it represents the brand’s ability to unleash creativity and conveys that to all its consumers across the world.

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