Cow & Gate’s powdered baby milk offering was just one of many in the market, following the same tired foil & cardboard format as its competitors. In addition to appearing pretty generic, numerous practical flaws meant the pack was contributing to the complexity, mess and general chaos of babies’ feeding time.

Before. A tricky to open, non-resealable foil bag inside a larger box.


Cue a complete graphic and structural overhaul by designers Blue Marlin which sought to address these myriad challenges. Our research helped them to develop the optimal route – a watertight, resealable tub with an integrated spoon holder – which not only raised the bar for the category but also set the brand apart from its competitors on shelf as a market leader.

The result? A sizeable 6% jump in market share for Cow & Gate, a rare ‘Supreme Gold’ at the Starpack Awards, and a lot of happy mums.


After. A nifty, easy to open lid, rigid packet and integrated measure.


Cow & Gate Close up


Cow and gate2