When Dairy Crest asked us to undertake evaluative research on some new pack designs for Cathedral City, it seemed a fairly straightforward project: research five design routes and identify which best meets the objectives of the design brief.

Except that it wasn’t quite that straightforward – in a bid to improve brand impact on shelf, the brand was moving away from its colour-based range navigation system to a more authoritative masterbrand strategy. We quickly identified that even the more ‘evolutionary’ routes, in combination with this masterbrand strategy, in fact represented a significant overhaul.

In such circumstances, it’s crucial that the history of the brand – the key driver of the emotional connection with consumers – is not abandoned. So evaluative research became pre-design, and we instead worked to understand exactly what the current visual equities were and what values were ascribed to the brand. This groundwork allowed us to work with Dairy Crest to write a revised design brief resulting in designs which, when tested in a second stage (a cheese reprise, if you will), not only achieved the iconographic masterbrand approach that the brand team aspired to, but remained recognisable on shelf and true to the brand’s core values.

Cathedral City

Cathedral City Mature