Ninety-year old global baking brand Betty Crocker has an incredibly rich heritage. But the brand wasn’t making the most of it – instead it felt tired and dated. With baking making a huge comeback in the UK, General Mills felt the time was right to breathe new life into Betty. So began a ground-up relaunch of the brand.

Betty Crocker History
With a history dating back to 1921, Betty Crocker is one of the oldest FMCG brands

Creative consultancy The Collaborators developed a new look for the brand which took the brand’s heritage as a starting point for a rich and evocative brand story.

Betty Crocker through the ages

This change was a challenge for research. Firstly, the research needed to establish whether this new direction was right for the brand – that it tapped into the contemporary retro movement, without being old-fashioned or transient; that it evoked female empowerment, not archaic, misogynistic values.

Secondly, we needed to explore to what extent the packaging fulfills its basic requirements – could existing buyers still find their product? And would they navigate across the wide range, from muffins to cupcakes to cookies?

This called for an innovative research approach. We used a methodology called ‘The Big Fixture’ – which blends qual with quant methods in an environment that gets as close to the reality of shopping as research can achieve. It uses a quant-like approach to explore whether the new pack was findable and browsable, and a qual approach to allow in-depth exploration of what it said about the brand.

We conducted research in shopper labs using our 'qual-quant' methdology, 'The Big Fixture'
We conducted research in shopper labs using our ‘qual-quant’ methdology, ‘The Big Fixture’

It guided the development of the design to ensure that the new design approach evoked the right messages whilst ensuring a smooth transition for shoppers.

Betty line up

Here’s The Collaborators’ video case study: