We’ve been a creative partner with Axe for many years, helping it keep ahead of the competitors and the copycats in the male personal care sector.

But when that means structural innovation on a global brand, an interesting challenge is raised: how do you research designs that won’t launch for three years? Consumers will respond to what you present to them with the cultural references of the day – and in three years, lots of that will change.

That’s the challenge we addressed for Unilever on the Axe shower gel packs. The answer is two-fold: firstly, we developed a methodology that opens consumers’ minds to potentially radical designs, meaning that while we’ll still identify a design that’s not delivering the objectives, they won’t get shot down just because they’re ahead of the curve.

Secondly, the research analysis is intertwined with our wider-reaching analysis of the shifting design trends – so we ensure we’re tapping into emergent, rather than transient, trends.

Combining these two delivered a pack for Axe that provides the kind of gravitas, masculinity and potency that the brand needs, but crucially felt cutting-edge just as it arrived on shelf – not bad for three-year-old research.


“In-depth expertise in packaging research, a difficult and highly specific area. TBP were able to bring a wealth of previous experience and insight which allowed them to help us design bespoke research that would answer our unique questions and challenges. We benefitted both from their specific and expert knowledge of the packaging field and their intellectually rigorous interpretation of the consumer behaviour.”

Jo Lavender
Senior Brand Manager, Axe Global

Lynx-Fever-Shower-Gel-156981 - close up


Lynx-Fever-Shower-Gel-156981 - close up2