Stuart Chapman

The iPod vz Zune, Volkswagen vs Skoda and Nike vs Reebok. What makes one successful, while the other is forgotten? We explore how design makes the difference.

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Do you ever feel like you’re a slave to your device, rather than the other way around? From smartphones to office space, we explore some examples of human-centric design which prioritise experience over engagement.

Blurred Lines

Model Ruby Rose recently said in an interview “I called myself a girl, but only because my options were limited. I always assumed that everyone felt that way”. Rose identifies as ‘gender fluid’, and is one of many famous figures like … Continued

For decades, computers have been an indispensable tool in creativity. So are designers the dispensable ones? AI advances are gathering pace. Simple conversational bots, like Siri, are improving. Facebook believes chatbots will form the third step in the evolution of … Continued

There’s been a loud response to the recent new logo for the Metropolitan Museum of Art (now known simply as ‘The Met’). Being at the centre of such a furore must be a gruelling experience, but really, the noise is … Continued

Lifesum Green

How an app is using consumer data to fuel product development