Rhys Fowler

Amazon has revealed a brand new bricks-and-mortar retail concept, Amazon Go – a store without checkout queues, instead using sensors to track and charge purchases. Shoppers can just walk in, pick up their groceries and walk out.

In this new blog strand, we celebrate those brands who are using design to amazing effect. This week, challenger bank Monzo.

The way we interact with brand design is deeply implicit. We know that shoppers aren’t rational beings – rather, they’re guided by a mixture of intuition, habit and convenience. It’s important to bear in mind when approaching quantitative research.

Wednesday marked the opening of the 2015 Designs of the Year exhibition, gathering 76 nominees across six categories. Here’s a selection of our favourites.

Our Health At Shelf webinar series begins this week. Register now to discover the winning design strategies that help healthy brands cut-through at shelf.

News Bulletin

With Halloween over, brands have set their sights on Christmas. This week, we reveal some of our favourite festive ad campaigns, as well as Kraft’s plan to modernise their portfolio in pursuit of millennials.