Amazon has revealed a brand new bricks-and-mortar retail concept, Amazon Go – a store without checkout queues, instead using sensors to track and charge purchases. Shoppers can just walk in, pick up their groceries and walk out.

Great design enhances life. It should make things easier for us, but it should also engage with us at an emotional level. Pelham Primary school, in South West London is a great example of this. A brand new building, designed … Continued

My Design Champion is IKEA – consistently one of my favourite brands, they’ve really impressed me with their recent pro-social stunt 25m² of Syria

Like many of my colleagues at The Big Picture – I’m a fan of good beer. A brand that seduces the eyes as well as the taste buds is sure to find a place in my heart. Meantime have been producing … Continued

I’ll remember summer 2016 as the season I repeatedly found myself as both apologetic host, and rather glum receiver, of gin & soda water. Yes, soda water. With gin.

In this new blog strand, we celebrate those brands who are using design to amazing effect. This week, challenger bank Monzo.