This week we continue the theme of a recent blog post on sensorial storytelling by taking a look at how Foyles has designed their store to appeal to the senses. Also included is personalised packaging from Snickers, craft beer-flavoured chocolate and a look at what contactless payment might be like in the future!

Are blog-based online platforms the future for brands targeting the Millennial consumer? We discuss NescafĂ©’s move to sharing site Tumblr, talk about wirelessly connected cosmetics, rainbow-coloured tortilla chips and join in with all the Rugby World Cup excitement!

This week we talk about the importance of multi-sensory branding, a topic The Big Picture will be talking about in the AQR Being Human Conference this week! Also featured is an edible billboard from Nakd, rock-inspired cosmetics packaging and a gin bottle that tells the story of Prohibition America!

This week we take a look at Listerine’s new ‘Smile Detector’ app and campaign film, talk about the niche ice cream brands entering the market, share some art-inspired wine packaging and explore Water is Life’s revolutionary ‘Drinkable Book’.

This week we talk about how Instagram is changing the way brands look at photography, explore inventions designed to make breakfast more exciting, look at Bernard Matthew’s new visual identity and review a new art installation at the heart of Covent Garden in London.